Biodiversity, 10 places, 10 environments




Biodiversity "is life". There is an extremely rich diversity of living things which involves all environments and latitudes but remains relatively unknown. Biodiversity is essential for humans because it provides them with essential services (resources, ecological services, chemical and therapeutic innovations, feedback effect on changes, etc.). The main challenge for researchers is to understand the organization and dynamics of biodiversity and its role in how ecosystems function.

The exhibition "Biodiversité, 10 lieux, 10 milieux" (Biodiversity, 10 places, 10 environments) provides an image-based report on ten environments with remarkable biodiversity. These are tropical, insular, marine, polar, desert, agricultural, mountain, urban, Mediterranean and past environments.



Digital version

Editorial and graphic design and production

Scientific conception: René Bally (Institut d’Ecologie et Environnement)
Design and production:

Exhibition panels description

22 panels - 60 x 80 cm (per 2 - colour code in the middle to join two panels = 120 x 80 cm) - hanging with eyelets.

Description of digital format

180 MB pdf files of the 22 panels to download for printing in 60 x 80 cm format (per 2 - colour code in the middle to join two panels = 120 x 80 cm)

Booking information

The loan is free of charge for a free presentation to your public, after signing a loan agreement.
The exhibitions can be complemented by a selection of films recommended by our scientific mediation officer.

Conditions for the loan of panels

Loan in the Paris area only: the transport/shipping costs for the sets of panels are to be paid by the borrower.

Loan conditions in digital format

We rent you the digital files for a single printing. Printing costs for a digital version are at the expenses of the borrower.

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