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Shooting on the replica of the Vallon-Pont-d'Arc cave (known as the Chauvet cave)
Shooting on the replica of the Vallon-Pont-d'Arc cave (known as the Chauvet cave)

© Claude DELHAYE/CNRS Images

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The missions of CNRS Images are an integral part of the CNRS's general policy which particularly aims to provide the general public with the means to understand research's most important issues and its impact on society. In the light of this objective, the audiovisual expertise of CNRS Images helps make it an excellent vector to reach the largest possible audience in a world where images are of increasing importance.

This audiovisual service is under the authority of the CNRS Communications Department and produces films and photo reports of varied durations on all scientific disciplines in a wide variety of formats. It helps ensure science has an influence beyond the CNRS itself. All content is produced or co-produced in compliance with copyright law, distributed in CNRS journals and media and also to a wide range of people - from audiovisual professionals to the general public and the press, publishers, television, museums, cultural centres and scientific or institutional partners.

Our missions

We create and produce

As image and sound professionals, we interact constantly with researchers to create new still and moving images designed to accompany CNRS news and the priorities of its scientific institutes in all fields of knowledge.

Today's audiovisual and communication landscape is being constantly transformed by social media and thus we offer new forms of visual creation in a wide variety of formats.


We document and enrich

Our team of audiovisual document specialists manages photo and film collections with material from our own productions and deposited or collected images which come directly from CNRS laboratories. We document and enrich these with numerous metadata.


We share and disseminate

We disseminate our resources to audiovisual professionals, the research and teaching community and the general public with an interest in science. Our images are put online on our platform and can be reproduced in CNRS media outlets, exhibitions, festivals, publishing products, in the media at large and on all social networks. Finally, our content is shared on all social networks and especially on the CNRS Instagram account. This dissemination contributes to enhancing the visibility and promotion of the CNRS and to transmitting scientific knowledge to as many people as possible.


We preserve and promote

We work on the conservation and restoration of the visual heritage of research that has been carried out at the CNRS and its predecessor, the Office des Inventions (ONRSI) since 1917. We also ensure the secure long-term preservation of the physical and digital formats of all our images.

CNRS Images,

Our work is guided by the way scientists question the world around them and we translate their research into images to help people to understand the world better and to awaken their curiosity and wonderment.