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The RobAIR Social Touch Robot

The RobAIR Social Touch Robot, developed by FabMSTIC, the Fab Lab of the Grenoble IT Laboratory (LIG) and the DOMUS Living Lab. This robot was developed to provide a remote presence for schoolchildren in hospital (remote control of the sensory elements of sound, touch and vision) and for elderly people. RobAIR offers three different sensory contact points: vocal contact which enables the absent student to whisper in the ear of their neighbour; visual contact which allows them to catch the eye of another student (one reason why the robot is fitted with winking LEDs); finally, tactile contact, because RobAIR comes with touch-sensitive areas on his back known as "hugs" that allow pressure applied by students to be felt by the absent child through vibrational sound. This scalable robotics platform was presented at the inauguration of the Robo'ethics Chair of Industrial Excellence at the Grenoble INP Foundation.

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