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A more intuitive prosthesis

Grabbing a pen, hammering in a nail, inserting a credit card, screwing in a light bulb: the former high-level Paralympic athlete and pilot of the French Smart ArM team, Christophe Huchet, is here seen training for the Cybathlon 2020. These unconventional Olympic Games have been organised every four years since 2016 for disabled people equipped with active, robotic technologies. The athlete is fitted with an arm prosthesis specially designed for him, one of the few in the competition to have a functional robotic elbow in addition to a hand and a wrist. By means of an innovative control system, this more intuitive prototype interprets movements in Christophe’s upper body to predict his intentions and assist his actions. As well as attempting to meet a wide range of scientific challenges, the Cybathlon highlights the incredible performance of these everyday athletes. This image is a winner of the 2021 La preuve par l'image (LPPI) competition.

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