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The rock-shelter of Rocher de l'Impératrice near Plougastel-Daoulas

The rock-shelter of Rocher de l'Impératrice was mainly occupied about 14,500 years ago, during the ancient Azilian, by small groups of hunters.
This late Paleolithic period marks the passage from Magdalenian culture to Azilian culture. The 2017 campaign has allowed the extraction of a very large collapse block of several tens of tons which covers the archaeological levels of the Azilian. The presence of these very imposing blocks to certain areas of the site of the various developments in the shelter during the Prehistory. The search of one of these areas in 2017 revealed a well-conserved area of ​​the site and very dense, in which a coal-rich combustion zone was highlighted in. The discovery of this sector suggests very rich campaigns in surprise as early as next summer.

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