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Notre-Dame de Paris: a vessel of stone and iron





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Two years after the fire of 15 April 2019, Notre-Dame will be the venue of a huge scientific investigation to uncover the cathedral's secrets and to help restore it. In this film, discover how researchers are drawing information from stone and iron to understand how the original builders constructed a cathedral that was much taller than its contemporaries.
The ""iron"" team is focused on the remains of the upper part of the cathedral and the nails of the roof frame, using radiocarbon dating in the laboratory. Researchers discovered that some of the iron was used in the construction of the cathedral as early as the middle of the twelfth century, which was previously unknown for this monument. The ""stone"" team is focused on masonry techniques, particularly those used to build the vaults. They are trying to reconstruct them from the fallen pieces and discover what the mortar used to bind the stone was made from.

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