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An evening with Edgar Morin





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A special evening to celebrate Edgar Morin's 60th career year at the CNRS was organized on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Various personalities from the world of research but also from politics came to pay tribute to the outstanding career of this global thinker.
In a speech that was both funny and moving, Edgar Morin recalled when he joined the CNRS in 1951, at the age of 31. This gave the opportunity for the sociologist to outline the incredible freedom he enjoyed as a researcher in this institution.
During the evening, a round table was moderated by Stéphanie Prouteau and Edouard Kleinpeter, researchers at the ISCC. Researchers Joanna Nowicki, Mauro Ceruti, Alfredo Pena -Vega and Jacques Perriault were panellists. Finally, the celebration ended with a concert, at the end of which the conductor stepped aside to give the baton for the length of a song to Edgar Morin who saw one of his old dreams come true.

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