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Brown Gold of Guernévez (The)





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Breton pig production represents 56% of French national production. One of the consequences of this intensive livestock farming on a restricted territory is the excessive production of fertilizer products which causes environmental pollution, unbalances ecosystems and pollutes groundwater. The ecological pig farm located in Guernevez has set up, thanks to the work of researchers from the CNRS, INRA and the Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, a system for recycling pig droppings by reproducing their natural cycle through the use of screens, lombrifilters and floating plant basins. The frequent disposal of manure through flushing water will result in a reduction in emissions of polluting gases such as methane (greenhouse gases) and ammonia. The nutrients present in the manure, a mixture of manure (urine, excrement) and water, are passed through the compost of the earthworm filter (lombrifiltre) and through the plants. This improves the condition of livestock and prevents the use of medicines.
This DVD includes the short version of the film "An ecological pig farm" as a bonus.

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