Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

A new world is forming. Populated by objects with strange behaviours, this universe is that of nanometres, that is, the size of atoms and molecules.
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
Nanosciences study the properties of these objects. Nanotechnologies integrate them into many devices for practical uses.
This DVD, designed for a curious audience, invites you to take an amazing journey to discover the nanoworld. It is part of a collection of thematic DVDs and offers a five-step tour of the exotic realm of the nanoworlds:

Part 1: The Nanoworld
Quantum Physics
Ethical issues, social issues
News and slideshows : The pioneers : 16 factsheets
Nano-objects: 24 factsheets
Timeline: 11 factsheets

Part 2: Tools
Electron microscopes
Local probe microscopes

Part 3: Molecules and Nanomachines
Supramolecular chemistry
Carbon nanotubes
Molecular electronics
Molecular machines

Part 4: New Electronic Devices
Ultimate Electronics

Part 5: Biology and Nanolaboratories
Tissue engineering

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