Once upon a time, the CNRS

80th anniversary of the CNRS




The history of the CNRS is fundamentally linked to the history of science and scientific advances and that of how research is organized and its policy aspects. Since its creation, the CNRS has successfully transformed and renewed itself to help it coordinate, federate and support constantly evolving research of excellence. The 13 panels of the exhibition describe the major milestones of this history from its beginnings in 1939 right up to the 2000s.

Production year



French - English

Editorial and graphic design and production

Editorial committee: Anne-Sophie Boutaud, Christine Girard, Romain Hecquet, Denis Guthlében
Graphic design: Vincent Guyon

Exhibition panels description

12 pannels - 80 x 120 cm

Description of digital format

pdf files of the 12 panels - total file size: 111.6 MB for printing with your printer

Booking information

The loan is free of charge for a free presentation to your public, after signing a loan agreement.
The exhibitions can be complemented by a selection of films recommended by our scientific mediation officer.

Conditions for the loan of panels

Loan in the Paris area only: the transport/shipping costs for the sets of panels are to be paid by the borrower.

Loan conditions in digital format

We rent you the digital files for a single printing. Printing costs for a digital version are at the expenses of the borrower.

CNRS Images,

Our work is guided by the way scientists question the world around them and we translate their research into images to help people to understand the world better and to awaken their curiosity and wonderment.