The astonishing living sphere

Etonnant vivant




Where does life come from? How does it adapt to its environment? What forms can it take? Today's scientists are finding new answers to age-old questions. The "Étonnant Vivant" (The Astonishing Living Sphere) exhibition offers an overview of the most surprising discoveries of the last 15 years


Digital version

Editorial and graphic design and production

Project coordination: Jonathan Rangapanaiken
Scientific advice: Catherine Jessus, Thierry Gaude, INSB
Graphic design and production: Romuald Maurel
CNRS Institutes communication officers

Exhibition panels description

23 pannels – 80 x 120 cm

Description of digital format

23 digital pdf files of various sizes for printing the 23 panels - size 80 x 120 cm

Booking information

The loan is free of charge for a free presentation to your public, after signing a loan agreement.
The exhibitions can be complemented by a selection of films recommended by our scientific mediation officer.

Conditions for the loan of panels

Loan in the Paris area only: the transport costs for the sets of panels are to be paid by the borrower.

Loan conditions in digital format

Printing costs for digital versions are to be borne by the borrower.

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