Urban Planning, Housing and Society

This is a series of 12 short films depicting achievements and various researches carried out in the field of urban planning in France. Three main strands have been outlined: Materials, energy and networks; The city of the future; History and sociological perspective.
Urban Planning, Housing and Society
- Natural power for the city (7 min.);
- Redesigned housing materials (7 min.);
- Self-sufficient housing (7 min.);
- Urban Utilities: Water for cities (7 min.);
- The Gentrification of la Goutte d'Or (7 min.);
- Paris dreams of being a green city (6 min.);
- Suburbs: from a compact to a diffuse city (6 min.);
- The 3D City (7 min.).
- The Astonishing Skyscrapers of Villeurbanne (8 min.)
- The Familistère de Guise (7 min.).
- Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille: A restored History (8 min.).
- Crime and the City (7 min.).

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