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Analyse de cristaux dans un échantillon de verre avec un spectromètre Raman

Research scientist observing the distribution, size and shape of crystals in a sample of tellurium oxide glass using a Renishaw inVia Reflex Raman spectrometer. On the screen, the black/dark colour corresponds to the glass matrix. The aim is to optimise its nucleation-growth parameters. The end goal is to establish the correlation between the exceptional non-linear optical properties of these materials and their structure. This spectrometer notably has a high-resolution 3D imaging module that makes it possible to gather structural data, at the atomic bonding scale, from transparent materials at the working wavelength. The data are recorded in a series of planes inside the material, and the images are reconstructed as a volume directly across all the data for the parameter that the research scientists wish to view (stress field, crystal distribution, heterogeneity of phases).

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