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Hydrogen The green revolution?

Could it be that water contains an almost inexhaustible source of energy, and above all, that it is within everyone's reach? And what if hydrogen would redefine the contours of our future?
Faced with global climate change, the quantities of CO2 from industry and transportation that are released into the atmosphere are widely blamed. In order for humanity and the planet to imagine a viable future by 2100, it is urgent to find a sustainable alternative to our fossil fuels. And in this quest for a "green gold" future, hydrogen is a serious contender, especially in the field of transportation.
Trains, maritime freight, road transport: hydrogen could find its place in a decarbonized transport network tomorrow. But we still need to master it.
This gas has long been at the heart of the work of many French laboratories that have opened their doors to us. From FEMTO in Belfort, which specialises in fuel cells, to the Jean Rouxel Institute in Nantes, which is developing new materials, to the Icare laboratory in Orleans, which is investigating the explosive properties of this gas, this film takes us behind the scenes of the hydrogen race, which is massively supported by public investment. It is in these laboratories that the world of tomorrow is being shaped.
On the industrial side, Alstom and the Energy Observer team show us the power of this hydrogen already deployed in different types of transport.
The question is no longer whether this hydrogen mobility will develop but rather at what pace.



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