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What will the climate be like in Europe in 2050?





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The scale and speed of the change in climate we are facing today is unprecedented. Heat waves, droughts, floods? We are already experiencing the effects on a daily basis. The effects will increase until at least 2050 and all European regions will be affected. Based on the results of the latest available studies, and in particular on the 6th IPCC report, this animated film produced by scientists in the framework of the European project EUCP presents the changes in Europe's climate expected in 2050 to the general public. In simple terms the researchers explain the variations in temperature and precipitation as well as the extreme weather events that Europeans will have to contend with. This film provides all the information required to understand how the climate will transform our landscapes and lifestyles over the coming decades... and enable us to better anticipate the necessary adaptation of human societies in the face of this increasingly unavoidable climate change.

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