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Needle threading device photographed on January 8th, 1929

Needle threading device photographed on January 8th, 1929. Rada’s needle threading system or device for passing a thread through a needle, simplified this process for everyone. It was composed of a very fine hook attached to the end of a wooden stick. Similar to those used for lace, it was so small that it easily passed through any needle’s eye. The thread was passed through the hook by hand. The hook was then pulled through the needle’s eye, bringing the thread with it. The system was not a new one, however the device’s innovation lay in rendering the hook removable and replaceable. Two images of the invention were taken: one picturing the object and a second depicting a demonstration of its use. Mr. Rada’s small device was first presented to the public by the Navigation and Technical Engineering Committee of the magazine Research and Inventions in 1929. Extract from the book Inventions 1915-1939 by Luce Lebart.

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