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Device photographed on May 4th, 1943

Device photographed on May 4th, 1943. During WW1, the physicist Aimé Cotton, a specialist in magnetism, was a member of Paul Painlevé’s commission for supporting inventions of interest to national defense. His research thus dealt with the influence of temperature, pressure and wind on 75mm field gun fire, as well as detection and identification of sounds. Starting in 1920, he served as president of the Direction des inventions’ Physics Committee before going on to lead the ONRSII’s large electromagnet laboratory in 1929. Upon retiring in 1942, this patriotic,pacifist and anti-fascist republican was arrested by the Germans for his progressive ideas. Several photographs of the CNRS database referenced his practice, particularly in relation to the electromagnet. Extract from the book Inventions 1915-1939 by Luce Lebart.

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