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Combination washer photographed on November 27th, 1924

Combination washer photographed on November 27th, 1924. Breton’s motor-washer was the high-light of the first Household Appliance Fair held in 1923 and was enthusiastically received by the French press. According to the Le Quotidien newspaper published on October 23rd, 1923, this invention was "the solution" to the "disgust and discouragement" felt by women "in front of the oily and foul water they had to plunge their hands into." Being a clever communicator, Breton published customers’ letters. One account read: "My cousin would like me to tell you that this small machine is very useful both for her dish washing and laundry, and especially for her baby’s clothes." Such exchanges transformed the washer into a shared experience. They encouraged the public to visit household appliance fairs in order to discover these new objects of modern life, although the machines were often still too expensive to be accessible to the public.

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