Le 02/05/2021

Chambord: The Castle, The King & The Architect

TV broadcast

Vue du chateau de Chambord
© Ludovic Letot / GEDEON Programmes

The best-known and most impressive castle in the Loire valley, Chambord has remained an enigma to generations of researchers.

From the plans for a hunting lodge conceived by the young Francis I to the mysterious role played by Leonardo da Vinci, a captivating investigation into the Chambord enigma and its patron, crowned just over 500 years ago.

Who was the architect? What significance did King Francois I, who commissioned Chambord, want the castle to have? And what role did his friend and “king’s architect” Leonardo da Vinci play? Conceived by a young monarch who loved hunting and chivalry, this “dream in stone” is still a puzzle to researchers 500 years later, especially since no preliminary designs have ever been found. Why did the King embark on this epic project in the heart of the marshlands in 1519?

  • Director: Marc Jampolsky
  • Distribution: Arte, TV5 Monde
  • Co-production: GEDEON Programmes, Arte France, INRAP, CNRS Images, National Domain of Chambord

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