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The ecologist Sandra Lavorel is awarded the CNRS 2023 Gold Medal

The CNRS Gold Medal has been awarded to Sandra Lavorel for her pioneering work in functional ecology. Her research focuses on the functions of ecosystems and their benefits for human societies.

Sandra Lavorel, winner of the 2023 CNRS gold medal, Col du Lautaret, Alps
Sandra Lavorel, winner of the 2023 CNRS gold medal, Col du Lautaret, Alps

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Sandra Lavorel joined the CNRS in 1994. She has been a member of the French Académie des Sciences since 2013. A specialist in the functioning and dynamics of ecosystems, Lavorel is a pioneer in defining and analysing their benefits for human societies. For instance, she has shown that the alterations to biodiversity and ecosystems resulting from global change have quantifiable societal and economic consequences. Her body of research has regularly contributed to territorial planning and biodiversity management policies.

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Portrait de Sandra Lavorel, médaille d'or 2023 du CNRS, directrice de recherche à l'université Grenoble-Alpes, spécialiste d'écologie fonctionnelle, c'est-à-dire du fonctionnement des écosystèmes et des services qu'ils sont susceptibles de rendre aux sociétés humaines. Entrée au CNRS en 1994, Sandra Lavorel effectue ses recherches dans la vallée de la Haute-Romanche, au-dessus de Grenoble, où elle mime les effets du réchauffement climatique sur les prairies alpines. Elle a…

Médaille d'or 2023 : Sandra Lavorel, une écologue au sommet

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