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Un médiateur du projet Ikonikat indique un détail d’une œuvre avec des visiteurs au musée du Louvre-Lens



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48.77 x 32.51 cm / 300 dpi


A mediator from the Ikonikat project points to a detail on the Louis Le Nain painting "The Peasants’ Meal" (circa 1642) at the Le Nain Mystery exhibition at the Louvre-Lens Museum. This discussion with visitors participating in the experiment is taking place after time spent analysing the artwork individually using the Ikonikat (Ikonik Analysis Toolkit) app. The app, a tool for the visual analysis of artworks, is aimed at the general public as well as experts. Both a research tool and a cultural mediation tool, it aids understanding of how visitors respond to artworks according to their sociological profile (age, level of education, etc.). Equipped with a tablet, visitors looking at a painting can show, without having to use words, what they think is relevant in the work. The interface lets them mark the significant areas of the image with their finger by adding lines to a digital copy of the picture. Ikonikat forms part of the VISUALL-tek project, a library of tools that enables the collective examination of images. These apps are the result of an interdisciplinary dialogue between social science researchers and computer scientists specialising in human-machine interaction.

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