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© Jérémy BARANDE/Ecole Polytechnique/LOA/CNRS Images



Chercheur alignant le banc optique du laser femtoseconde au LOA, à Palaiseau

Research scientist aligning the optical bench of the femtosecond laser in the yellow room at the Applied Optics Laboratory (LOA), in Palaiseau, with the aim of studying ultra-fast dynamics in plasmas. This is the most powerful laser in the laboratory (100 terawatts). Once the shot is triggered, the covers close to ensure the safety of the shot and prevent any dispersion of the green laser. The femtosecond laser is part of the Attolab platform, devoted to interdisciplinary studies of ultrafast dynamics (electronic and nuclear dynamics at femtosecond and attosecond timescales) in gaseous, condensed and plasma phase systems. Attolab combines high-performance ultra-short light sources, comprising femtosecond infrared laser chains and attosecond secondary sources in the extreme-UV range. This platform calls upon advanced facilities, both for the development and operation of ultra-short pulse lasers and for the manufacture of optics.

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