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Interface de l’application Ikonikat affichant le tableau "Famille de paysan", de Louis Le Nain

Ikonikat (Ikonik Analysis Toolkit) application interface. The mark-up by a visitor to the exhibition is undertaken from observation of the painting Peasant Family by Louis Le Nain. Developed by research scientists at CNRS, Ikonikat is a tool for visual analysis of works of art aimed at both the public and experts. Both a research and a cultural outreach tool, it assists in better understanding the reception of art images. Equipped with a tablet, the visitor looking at a painting can indicate, without resorting to words, what he thinks is pertinent in the image. Ikonikat is part of the VISUALL-tek project, a library of tools enabling collective interrogation of images. These applications are the result of interdisciplinary discussions between social science researchers and computer scientists specialising in man-machine interaction at the Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control research centre in Lille (CNRS/University Lille 1/École Centrale de Lille).

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