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Combination washer photographed on March 26th, 1925

Combination washer photographed on March 26th, 1925. Jules-Louis Breton’s washer of exclusively French invention and construction was distributed by Sacam, a public limited household item manufacturing company founded by the ONRSII’s director and his sons, André and Paul Breton. Presentation documentation for the washer often featured the acronym SACAM for advertising purposes, which stood for Simplicity, Sanitation, Comfort, Automation, Low price in French. The small model of Jules-Louis Breton’s washer could wash, sterilize and dry twelve plates in only a few minutes. The plates could quickly be placed in a light metal wheel, held by springs and arranged like water turbine buckets. One liter of warm water was then poured into the basin. A few turns of the crank and changes of the water would result in a load of perfectly washed and dried dishes. Extract from the book Inventions 1915-1939 by Luce Lebart.

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