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Tubed mask photographed on December 16, 1925

Tubed mask photographed on December 16, 1925. Director of the Comparative Physiology Laboratory at the École des Hautes Études, René Legendre teamed up with engineer, doctor and biochemist Maurice Nicloux to develop an oxygen mask. Created for therapeutic purposes, the mask could also be adapted to toxic environments, for example in its association with airtight and flexible hoses developed by the ONRSII. The research on gas protection that led to the development of oxygen masks began during the war and continued afterwards, adapting to civilian purposes. Legendre and Nicloux’s mask was thus re-contextualized as a "life-saving" device. René Legendre began raising awareness about "life-saving first aid techniques", so that each and every one could learn to intervene and save another person’s life at any moment. Office national des recherches scientifiques et industrielles et des inventions.

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