Vignette of the CR2P laboratory representing the scales of a fossilized fish

Centre de recherche en Paléontologie, Paris (CR2P)


CR2P is a laboratory entirely dedicated to paleontology. Its objective is to elucidate the structure of kinship relationships and the history of life through the fossil record and past environments. From the most primitive life forms of the Precambrian to hominids, the expertise of CR2P's members covers a wide spectrum of animal and plant fossil groups from the infinitesimally small to the giant vertebrates.

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This film describes the progress of palaeontological diggings between 2011 and 2013 on the famous site of Muse (Carboniferous Permian Autunian phase, in Burgundy) which has become a multidisciplinary and international training excavation site. Since the 19th century, this world-class deposit - geologists call it the "Autunian stratotype" - has produced very rich and astonishing samples of palaeobiodiversity with the unearthing of exceptionally well-preserved fossils of plants and animals, the…

Fossil Diggers (The)

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