Laboratoire ECOBIO

Écosystèmes, biodiversité, évolution (ECOBIO)


The ECOBIO laboratory covers all areas of ecology: evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology, community ecology, functional ecology and landscape ecology. It analyses the dynamics of biodiversity and the functioning of continental ecosystems in the face of global changes (climate, land use) with a view to sustainable development (sober management of natural resources, conservation).

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Ingénieure d'étude spécialisée en analyse chimique des sols et des eaux au sein de l'unité Écosystèmes, biodiversité, évolution (ECOBIO). Spécialisée dans l'analyse des éléments présents dans les matrices aquatiques, solides et liquides, Nathalie Josselin Le Bris exerce au CNRS depuis 2003. Elle a créé la plateforme d'analyse physico-chimique EcoChim, qui permet de quantifier et de caractériser divers échantillons biologiques et environnementaux issus des sols, de l'eau, des…

Médaille de cristal 2022 : Nathalie Le Bris, ingérnieure d'études en chimie de l'environnement
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Effluents from industrial pig farms cause an environmental challenge. While being good fertilizers, they pollute rivers and groundwater when overused on arable land. The ecological piggery of the Guernévez experimental station in Brittany, developed by researchers from the CNRS, the INRA and the chambers of agriculture of Brittany, has two particularities: it is equipped with a flushing system and it recycles the mixture of water and slurry which is daily evacuated from the building. This…

Ecological pig farming
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Breton pig production represents 56% of French national production. One of the consequences of this intensive livestock farming on a restricted territory is the excessive production of fertilizer products which causes environmental pollution, unbalances ecosystems and pollutes groundwater. The ecological pig farm located in Guernevez has set up, thanks to the work of researchers from the CNRS, INRA and the Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, a system for recycling pig droppings by reproducing…

Brown Gold of Guernévez (The)

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