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Centre de recherche en écologie expérimentale et prédictive - Ecotron IleDeFrance (CEREEP)


The CEREEP - Ecotron IleDeFrance service unit, set up on 1 January 2008 by the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the CNRS, is a service unit dedicated to experimental research in ecology, as well as education and training. Its development took place as part of a national plan to promote experimental ecology research facilities coordinated by the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute (INEE).

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In these enclosures the impact of different parameters such as density, sex ratio, habitat quality, among others, on small animal populations such as the viviparous lizard is studied. The CEREEP (Centre de recherche en écologie expérimentale et prédictive) aims to promote major experimental and observational research programmes on the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in terrestrial and aquatic environments.

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Enclosures for the study of small animal populations

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