From the laboratory to every day: the art of innovation

Research is good, but innovation is even better! This is an area in which CNRS performs well, with many of its scientists stepping into the world of innovation each year as they create start-ups to promote and disseminate more effectively the fruits of their research.
Curve One
Curve One
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Sideros, which is developing an innovative treatment to fight persistent cancer cells, recently became the 1500th start-up to come out of a laboratory supervised by CNRS. All these companies, which cover all the scientific disciplines being explored by CNRS, have the same goal: to capitalise on research and find concrete applications to benefit the general public and industry. These particularly resilient and innovative start-ups are opening up new prospects in medicine, biotechnologies, environmental management and space… And it is an ongoing process: nearly 100 new start-ups are currently launched each year within CNRS’ laboratories.

Come and meet these scientific entrepreneurs who could change our lives…

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