May '68, a showcase in science

In May 1968, French society was in turmoil. In the scientific community, people also started to protest, hope for and invent new practices. Universities were occupied, hospitals went on strike, the Saclay site of the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique/Atomic Energy Commission) entered massively into the strike, psychiatric practices were questioned. In the laboratories, some scientists decried derogatorily "mandarins", or senior academics, while some others sang "Do you know the beast who discovered integral calculus?"
Eight short films sketch out and map the major issues that jolted the scientific arena in that month of May: the sharing of knowledge, teaching, healthcare, research, psychiatry, the relationship of academia with the state, not to say its hierarchical patterns.
May '68, a showcase in science

Mai 1968 met la société française en ébullition. Dans la communauté scientifique aussi on se met à rêver, à protester et à réinventer ses pratiques : les universités sont bloquées, les hôpitaux se mettent en grève, le Commissariat é l'Énergie Atomique de Saclay entre massivement dans la grève, les pratiques psychiatriques sont questionnées, dans les laboratoires, on dénonce les « mandarins » quand d'autres chantent « Connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral ? »                

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