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April 25 is #WorldPenguinDay which coincides with their winter migration to more nourishing waters. It's a chance to admire and protect these birds, whose habitat is under increasing threat.

Manchots Adélie, aux abords de la base Dumont d'Urville, en Terre Adélie
Manchots Adélie, aux abords de la base Dumont d'Urville, en Terre Adélie

© Erwan AMICE / LEMAR / CNRS Images

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This World Penguin Day is a reminder of just how precious and fragile they are, and coincides with the annual migration of Adélie penguins, who swim north for the winter in search of food. This is an opportunity to bring you a selection of reports on penguins, or simply superb photos taken by our scientists during their expeditions.

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Antarctica is a hostile territory due to its isolation and extreme climatic conditions, but it is also a place of unique opportunities for research and has been a protected area reserved for scientific exploration since the Madrid Protocol was signed in 1991. This film presents the work of four researchers from various fields who went to Antarctica to conduct their research project: studying animal behaviour, observing the Earth's magnetic fields, collecting and analysing micrometeorites and…

Antarctica, ice laboratory

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