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Thierry Chartier, 2018 CNRS Innovation medalist

A pioneer in the development of additive processes for the creation of ceramic items, Thierry Chartier is a CNRS researcher specialized in ceramic materials and production techniques at the Institut de Recherche sur les Céramiques (CNRS / University of Limoges). His work has yielded new manufacturing techniques that have garnered great interest around the world. Chartier's research has led to the creation of two start-ups: 3DCeram, which applies stereolithography, and Ceradrop, which develops new inkjet techniques for printed electronics. In 2005, Chartier and Air Liquide founded a joint research laboratory whose purpose is to develop ceramic materials and systems to tap into new energy sources. In 2013, at Limoges Teaching Hospital, his work made it possible to create the world's first hydroxyapatite cranial implant using a patient's CT scan.

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