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Matisse St Pierre et Miquelon

The St. Pierre and Miquelon archipelago is at the crossroads of the polar waters of the Baffin Sea and the estuarine waters of the St. Lawrence.
This site was selected in partnership with IFREMER in Brest because it also has the highest diurnal oceanic thermal variations on our planet in the subtidal environment (> 10°C in 6 hours). The calibration of proxies or the research and validation of new descriptors will be facilitated in this site with extreme environmental contrasts. Cold temperate species ("Placopecten magellanicus") and sub-polar species ("Arctica islandica") and polar species ("Chlamys islandica") are found there. Moreover, on this site, populations of "Arctica islandica" develop, with the longest life span ever recorded for the animal world (500 years), thus offering exceptional possibilities of paleo-environmental reconstruction.

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