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Jean-Pierre Nozières, lauréat de la médaille de l’innovation CNRS 2017

Jean-Pierre Nozières, physicist and entrepreneur specialising in the development of spintronics technologies, one of the winners of the 2017 CNRS Medal for Innovation. His research at the Louis Néel laboratory in the 1990s led to him becoming a specialist in magnetic memories (MRAM – magnetic random-access memories). In 2002, he founded the Spintec laboratory (SPINtronique et TEchnologie des Composants – spintronics and technology of components) with a view to accelerating technology transfer within French industries. Spintec brings together research scientists, technologists and industry engineers. Continuing on the same lines, in 2004 he launched his first start-up, Crocus Technology, to develop the industrial applications of MRAM technology. In 2014, he created eVaderis, which designs ultra-low power systems and memory blocks for the internet of things. He then set up Antaoïs (2016), which is developing ultra-fast MRAM technology for computer processors. In 2017, he launched Hprobe, which offers online inspection equipment for MRAM manufacture.

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