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Jean-Marie Congin’s dismountable rest chair in its bag, photographed on September 14th, 1923

Jean-Marie Congin’s dismountable rest chair in its bag, which takes up a little amount of space, photographed on September 14th, 1923. The "Le désiré" lounger had been produced at the Office’s engineering lab. Whether used on a trip to the beach or the countryside, it had the advantage of being "completely demoun¬table into small pieces that could easily fit into a travel bag, a suitcase, or tied with a thin strap to form a compact package". Developed during the war, the idea of mobile, demountable and folding equipment gained a foothold in the emerging leisure culture, becoming a key component of simple pastimes for the French, such as the Sunday picnic. Office national des recherches scientifiques et industrielles et des inventions.

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