Health, healing, disease Behind these words are notions shaped by societies, cultures and times. Anthropologists, medical historians, physicians, health specialists discuss, from different points of view, the questions of care and the links that govern the relationship between health care providers and patients.
This series includes eighteen films and is divided into four main chapters and, as a bonus, explanatory sheets, bibliographies and links to websites .

#1- Disease, health and related notions (4 films) :
"Caring and healing, not so simple" (7 min.) with Sylvie Fainzang, anthropologist at INSERM.
"Does hysteria exist?" (5 min.) with Rafaël Mandressi, medical historian at the CNRS.
"Is indigestion a disease?" (4 min.) with Marie-Christine Pouchelle, anthropologist at CNRS.
"Alzheimer's disease or future rebirth" (5 min.) with Boris Cyrulnik, neuropsychiatrist.

#2- An impossible dialogue? (4 films) :
"One disease, multiple interpretations" (6 min.) with Jean Benoist, anthropologist and physician.
"History of a Missed Relationship" (22 min.) with Jean-Pierre Peter, medical historian.
"The body as a battlefield" (9 min.) with Marie-Christine Pouchelle, anthropologist at CNRS.
"Spare parts" (6 min.) with David Le Breton, anthropologist at the CNRS.

#3- Alliance proposals (4 films) :
"Doctors and anthropologists: complementary approaches" (15' min.) with Alain Epelboin, anthropologist, physician and video artist at the CNRS.
"Doctors and patients, a necessary collaboration" (12 min.) with Jean-Louis Lemoine, medical director of the REVESDIAB health network, David Le Breton, anthropologist at the CNRS, Christiane Quinio, president of the REVESDIAB network, Anne Schneeberger, sports medical educator and Sylvie Deilhes, therapeutic team coordinator.
"Traditional medicines, knowledge to explore" (10 min.) with Christian Moretti, ethnopharmacologist at IRD.
"Hypnosis, imagination in control" (11 min.) with Claudine Gagneret, general practitioner and Yann Cojan, neuroscience researcher at the University of Geneva.

#4- Therapeutic procedures(6 films):
"Réunion at the crossroads of therapies" (15 min.) avec Laurence Pourchez, anthropogue, ethnovidéaste à l'université de La Réunion.
"Murugmala, the Healing Tomb" (6 min.) - A montage out of excerpts from the film"Murugmala" by Frank Rollier.
"A Healing Church in Benin" (6 min.) - Montage of excerpts from the film"Les Chrétiens célestes entre tradition et modernité" (Adepts of the Celestial Church of Christ between tradition and modernity) by Albert de Surgy.
"Abandoning God in the Nordeste" (6 min.) - A montage out excerpts from the film"Nordeste, rien de nouveau" (All Quiet in the Nordeste) by Anne Papillault and Jean-François Dars.
"The Body in Ayurvedic Medicine" (5 min.) - A montage out excerpts from the film"Le Corps, la médecine ayurvéda" (The Body and Ayurvedic Medicine) by François-Robert Zacot.
"N'doep, A Psychotherapy in au Senegal" (6 min.) - A montage out of excerpts from the film"Le N'doep" (N'doep) by Michel Meignant

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