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In this report, scientists introduce 2019 CNRS Gold Medalist, Thomas Ebbesen and his research. This prestigious French scientific award is awarded to the Franco-Norwegian physical chemist for his highly interdisciplinary work in nanoscience, which covers fields as diverse as carbon materials science, optics, nanophotonics and molecular chemistry. His discoveries have led to technological breakthroughs in optoelectronics, optical communications and biosensors.

Thomas Ebbesen explorateur de lumière
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Observing and understanding nature better to replicate its genius... This is not a new idea but the concept of bio-inspiration now appears to be more than ever a major trend for innovation. In health, robotics, ecology, chemistry, engineering sciences, etc., CNRS researchers will show you their research and its applications which were inspired by nature. Welcome to the bio-inspired world!
The living sphere as a model
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This film derives from the Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies DVD. Physicist Etienne Klein traces the history of quantum physics and shows how it gradually forced scientists to question seemingly established notions in classical physics. In particular, classical physics distinguishes two clearly separated categories of objects: particles and waves, whereas a quantum object may behave alternatively as a wave or as a particle. One of the controversial theoretical consequences of quantum…

Quantum physics: an introduction
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The physicist Alain Aspect, a director at the Laboratory Charles Fabry, within the Institute of Optics located in Orsay, has received the CNRS Gold medal in 2005 for his works on quantum optics and atomic physics. In this film, he recounts his career and describes his researches. He proved the non-validity of the Bell ' s theorem.

Alain Aspect

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