La Preuve Par l'Image 2022




In 2019, the CNRS launched a partnership with the ACFAS to organise the French edition of
La Preuve par l’Image, an annual photo competition first held in Quebec in 2010. For this fourth CNRS edition, researchers were again invited to submit their best scientific images.
The competition challenges participants to showcase their research by means of eye-catching, thought-provoking images rather than words.
In addition to their aesthetic value, these are also research tools that enable experts to interpret their findings, advance knowledge, and engage
in science outreach with the general public.
The titles, captions and technical descriptions supplement this approach, plunging us into the fascinating world of scientific research.
The exhibition brings together the submissions of the 20 prize winners selected from among some 200 participants by a jury of professionals from the image and science sectors.


Editorial and graphic design and production

Project team: Christine Chapon, Christine Girard, Anne-Emmanuelle Héry, Christelle Lopez, Marie Mabrouk
Website creation: Christelle Lopez
Captions: Anne-Sophie Boutaud, journaliste scientifique scientific journalist
Translation: Patrick de Mornay
Supervision of translation: Valérie Herczeg
Graphic design: Clément Prats

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Our work is guided by the way scientists question the world around them and we translate their research into images to help people to understand the world better and to awaken their curiosity and wonderment.